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Dr. Footsie's Shoes - Сompany in Las Vegas, USA - Allbiz
    Dr. Footsie's Shoes - Сompany in Las Vegas, USA - Allbiz
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    Dr. Footsie's Shoes, Las Vegas

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    Dr. Footsie's Shoes, Las Vegas
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    Сompany address: Las Vegas, USA
    5165 S. Fort Apache Rd Ste 175
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    About enterprise Dr. Footsie's Shoes

    Dr. Footsie's Shoes was formed by a Podiatrist in Las Vegas, NV. After seeing and treating many people of all walks of life, it became apparent that many foot problems and deformities, including Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Hammertoes, Tendonitis, Neuromas, and other conditions were caused by wearing unsupportive and poorly structured shoes, which allow for muscle imbalances, fatigue, and abnormal foot and muscle function. Patients were constantly asking, 'Where should I buy my shoes?' and 'What brand of shoe is good for you?' At Dr. Footsie's, we take the guess work out of it for you! Choose from a variety of brands and styles for work and play. We focus on well-structured shoes and orthotics to eliminate pain, fatigue, and abnormal function, all with an emphasis on style and fashion! People always walk into the store and say, 'These don't look like 'orthopedic' shoes!' That is because the are normal and attractive shoes, just with a strong emphasis on function and improved performance. If you shop at Dr. Footsie's, you will not be disappointed! Our shoes are high quality and long-lasting, and will make your work day, you exercise routines, and your evenings out on the town a pleasure you never thought possible! Eliminate your pain and fatigue, decrease your risk of deformities and surgery, and be sexy at the same time! Great shoes for men and women of all walks of life! Visit us on line at, or come to our store and try out our shoes!
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